winops 2015

Last week I was kindly invited to participate in the first WinOps ( conference in London. I have been skirting around the edges of the microsoft world for some time now and when I saw this conference appear I thought it would be a good opportunity to chat with those individuals whom are fully immersed in windows but may have a different devops journey to my own. I will be honest, I was fully expecting to walk into a room full of suited business types looking to buy the devops and discuss ROI. [Read More]

Another talk on windows

I gave another talk this week to the folks over at Ve Interactive.

It’s been a while since I last did a talk and I enjoyed it alot. Lots of interesting discussions and questions.



[Quick Update] - 23-Mar-2015

Ok, so you’ve seen the date of this post. I’m not exactly as regular with these posts as I would like but it seems that I do in fact still have things to write about. #### Foreman One of the big things that I have been working on recently has been in puppetizing the foreman infrastructure used at OpenTable. Thankfully this is quite a mature community and there has already been a lot of work done however one limitation that I found was that I wanted to actually use puppet to configure foreman after I had installed it. [Read More]

[Quick Update] - 12-Mar-2015

It has recently been commented by a few individuals that I am a poor communicator of some of the interesting things that I am usually hacking on. I guess they are right and I thought that rather than wait and do a big-bang style blog post of the usual multi-thousand word variety that I would start trying to write these little posts in about 30 minutes and see how that works out. [Read More]

puppetconf 2014 - part 1

The first installation of my review of the 2014 Puppet conference. This series of posts will cover the talks, workshops and the contributors summit. Originally posted at: It has been one week since our attendance at this years PuppetConf and we have just now caught up on all the great talks that were given and the projects demonstrated over the 3 day period. Here’s our summary of the event (split into 3 parts), hopefully you will find as much inspiration in the content as we have. [Read More]