profiles, roles, stacks and clouds

One of the more recent patterns in structuring out puppet manifests is: roles and profiles [1] [2]. The summary is this: profiles are a collection of classes/modules and roles are a collection of profiles. Having started to re-factor our own infratructure with this pattern recently there was one question that cam immediately to mind .. what’s next? Roles and profiles is all about abstraction. With roles all I have to care about is what “type” of node I am building: [Read More]

puppet on windows - part 2

In part 1 of this series of posts I discussed some of the challenges when writing modules for puppet on windows: documentation, packging, ISOs and reboots. In part 2 I will discuss how I learnt about this, about the modules that I have written, the learning outcomes and about contributing to the forge. There are many ways that you can contribute and extend puppet: classes, defintions, facts, types and providers. Of the modules that I have written I wanted to specifically look at the following: [Read More]

puppet on windows - part 1

I have recently spent some time working with puppet, in particular working on writing modules for Windows and I wanted to share some of my thoughts and experiences that I learnt along the way. ###Finding useful information When I got starting writing my first module the thing that I realised was that at the time there was very little information out there of people using puppet on Windows. Thankfully in the past few months this has changed and I wanted to point you in the direction of some very useful resources: [Read More]

thoughts on scaling cucumber

I have been spending a lot of time lately working with Ruby and in particular a reasonably large suite of cucumber tests. Cucumber has been adapted by several teams within Mimecast to varying degrees of success and maturity, mostly dependent on each individual teams’ experience with Ruby. My recent work has identified two problems scaling the test suite: cross-team testing and multi-platform. I want to discuss some of these problems and how we are going about solving them. [Read More]

Why I am blogging again

It has been far too long since I last found myself writing any tl;dr content. Like the vast majority, this is at least my third attempt, my third tool and who knows if it will stick although I am now using the octopress/github setup. I am now writing along side my the rest of my code, so I think that it will be gaining traction that way. So what I am writing about? [Read More]