Why I am blogging again

It has been far too long since I last found myself writing any tl;dr content. Like the vast majority, this is at least my third attempt, my third tool and who knows if it will stick although I am now using the octopress/github setup. I am now writing along side my the rest of my code, so I think that it will be gaining traction that way.

So what I am writing about? Well I am working on so many different things these days: both in work and personally so I thought I would start with some of that. I working in both Ruby and Java as both developer and ops and I am in the process of open sourcing as much of my work as possible because I want you all to be able to read it and comment on it.

I am also going to be commenting on my day-to-day work and my observations of culture. As such it is worth stating that the opinions I have here on this blog are my opinions alone and do not represent the views or values of my current (or for that matter my previous) employer.

And with that all taken into consideration lets do this thing …