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It feels like it has been a really long time since I have had the oppetunity to write anything worth talking about.

Many of you will know now that I earlier on this year I took up a new position at Bashton to start working with Windows on the cloud.

This is a bit of an odd move you might think, I’m neather the most avid windows supporter nor much of a cloud user however it seemed liked an exciting oppertunity to do a lot of new things all at once so I dived right in.

If you’ve seen some of my older posts on this site you’ll know by now that I have a habbit of bending windows into odd shapes and making it useable in ways that don’t suck. Well I obviously had a lot of questions in how that would work in the cloud.

I’d never really done much of any of the major cloud vendors before - I little AWS but nothing huge. In my previous roles I’d always worked with VMware or bare metal - perhaps what I’ll now start calling ‘classical operations’. So like any new starter I had a tonne of questions - as did my employer - in how to make windows work in the cloud. It’s not like I was here to make something appear out of nothing - the vendors had supported windows to a grater or lesser extent for a while, it was just that not many people were really asking for it in a big way until about a year ago. But really, how does windows work in cloud environments? Is it scabable? Elastic? Do all the tools work? Do all the cloud vendors support all the things we want to support?

The truth, as is often the case, is the mumbled answer of “mmm, yes, sometimes, no, sort-of - but ..”.

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